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Assisted Living


Bethany’s Assisted Living is comprised of 18 apartments. There are two floor plans: an apartment with a separated bedroom and living room or a studio apartment. which is one large room. All apartments have a full bath and individual thermostats. Assisted living residents are encouraged to dine in the Main Dining Room but are permitted to receive their meals in their rooms. There is a laundry room available for residents.  Residents must meet certain criteria to qualify for assisted living, including a cognitive status exam. Rates are determined by the level of care the resident requires.

Assisted Living Admission Criteria:

  • Resident must have an attending physician that completes the functional health assessment as required by the Residential Care Facility Laws & Rules.
  • The resident’s admission orders must be signed by a licensed physician.
  • Resident’s physician must determine resident’s ability to self administer medications.
  • A mantoux test and/or a chest x-ray as required by the Residential Care Facility Laws & Rules.
  • Resident must be assessed for acceptable cognitive status.
  • Resident must be weight bearing, and able to transfer with the assistance of one.
  • Resident must see their attending physician as required by the Residential Care Facility Laws & Rules.
  • Physician orders must be signed within 14 days after the order was given.
  • Resident should be able to eat independently.

Residents should bring:

  • Current history & physical signed by a licensed physician.
  • A copy of Advance Directives, Living Will, & Durable Power of Attorney.
  • Copy of Medicare card.
  • Copy of all health insurance cards.
  • All medications and health care equipment such as a wheel chair, walker, etc.
  • Furnishings, bedding & linens.
  • All personal toiletries such as shampoo, toothbrush & paste, razors, etc.


  • Laundry machines are available at no cost for resident use.
  • House television and house phone are available at no extra costs.
  • The Beauty Shop is open Monday-Friday.
  • Pictures will be hung by Bethany staff.
  • Bethany is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is permitted outside only.